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20& Discount on All Sculptures & Bodycats
Keeley Page 3 Super Model

Each Bodycast has been lovingly Created by Leigh Heppell. Each one is an individual Limited Edition.

These pieces are regulary purchased as an investment for the future.
to find out why .......
Here you can see how a Body Cast is Created

The part of the body that is to have the cast taken, must have some kind of release agent applied, I usually use vaseline.

Watch out for hairs, of all kinds!

All sculptures are cast in Bonded Bronze, are hand cast and finished in Cornwall UK by Leigh Heppell

This new Body Cast - LuLu has a real  "Bondage Feel" to it!

And what a fantastic Model ....

She is available now

The piece is 35" (89cm) Tall x 12" (30cm) Wide - Wall hanging.
Cast in Bonded Bronze, Pewter or Gun Metal finish.
Signed, with Certificate of Authenticity.
Piece includes all Packing, Carriage, and Insurance.

An Edition of 50 Limited Edition Castings


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The piece is signed by leigh heppell and is supplied with a certificate of authenticity

An edition of 50 castings

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Next, plaster bandage that has been cut in to convenient strips is briefly dipped in warm water and applied to the body.

Beware of bubbles, therefore smooth down the bandage, and do not go too far round the body/limb, as you will not be able to remove the cast in one piece.

You need about 4/5 good layers, applied wet on wet to give a cast that will not crack or distort.

Here you see the client holding her own bodycast - Click Here  to see the final bronze casting!

Leigh Heppell




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