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Leigh Heppell's Erotic Sculptures of Women have the fluency
of water, with the hardness of Bronze. Well worth a visit!

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Leigh Heppell Press Release - Click here for Biography

Dreams are being turned into virtual reality for fantasists the world over, thanks to the unlikely combination of an erotic sculptor and the Internet. Leigh Heppell has created what he reckons is a unique "virtual studio," in which his clients can watch their commissioned sculptures take shape - or be changed to order during the creative process - via the worldwide web. Not only do his clients ultimately receive a beautiful three-dimensional bronze manifestation of their favourite fantasy - but they can also specify "bigger breasts, please" or a "smaller butt", and so on, while they view their personal creation at various stages.

These "special" commissions are a planned direction for Leigh's booming Global business, which offers a standard range of 25 erotic bronze (see galleries) sculptures of the nude form, from the coy to the highly explicit. Leigh's three-dimensional trademark is a magical effect of stunning beauty created by sculptures which, according to one art critic, have "the fluency of water and the hardness of bronze while maintaining the sensual softness of the skin."

But now Leigh, who operates from an 18th Century converted barn at Trenoweth, near Falmouth in Cornwall, is increasingly in demand for his one-off special commissions - and they are getting "more way out by the month," as he puts it. "I have no qualms about it," he says. "These creations are for the private pleasure of private individuals; if I can 'bring alive' their wildest fantasies then I am giving them pleasure and providing a service."

One of Leigh's current works, includes the "Pony Girl " - for an American client and involving a naked woman, with one leg raised and a pony harness and straps attached to her body, giving the impression of someone pulling on reins behind her.

Leigh has just completed his biggest-ever commission - by both value and size - in the form of a stunningly beautiful four foot long reclining nude. Simsima is being created from a collection of photographs emailed to him by the woman and her husband. "Apart from a slight enlargement of the breasts, this sculpture will be a faithful reproduction of the real thing," he explains, "but the special flavour about this commission is that all I know about the purchaser is their names, email address and credit card number. "I've no idea where the couple live.Leigh adds: "We exchanged several emails about precisely how far apart her legs should be. My brief was to make it erotic but tasteful.

A selection of photographs from all works in progress is also available to all visitors to the web site. The commissions vary in price up to to 8,000 and usually take between three and six months from conception to completion. "As far as I am aware, what I am doing is totally unique," says Leigh. "Not only are we creating items of great beauty, precisely as specified by the clients but thanks to the Internet we are also letting them see their chosen sculptures take shape." He adds: "The Internet enables me to develop what amounts to a unique 'working relationship.' As I liaise during the progress of the sculpture, I get to know the client's personality - exactly what turns them on and exactly what they are thinking with regard their prized fantasy." There is no doubt, my clients get exactly what they want . . . . . . . . . .


Leigh Heppell Press Release - Click here for Biography

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